Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation
At 161Dev Inc. LLC, we specialize in providing staffing services to help businesses find qualified candidates for various positions and excel in today's talent-short market. We offer both temporary and long-term staffing solutions to augment your workforce and meet your specific needs.

Short-term and Long-term Staffing Solutions

Our temporary employment services are designed to quickly supply skilled personnel who meet all your requirements. Temporary employment offers benefits such as cost-effectiveness, efficiency, expertise on-demand, focus on key functionalities, alignment with your operations, and reduced liabilities. Before presenting a candidate to you, we conduct thorough searches, screenings, and interviews to ensure a perfect match.
For long-term staffing needs, 161Dev LLC provides highly credible individuals for each position. Our need-based approach ensures that you can add team members without compromising your operations. We also offer global augmentation services and continuously expand and evolve to meet the demands of our clients across various industries and occupations.

Staffing that Boasts Competency and Diversity

One of our key strengths is our commitment to competency and diversity in staffing. We strive to deliver outcomes that satisfy our clients, recognizing that a thriving business relies on talented individuals. By recruiting professionals who are up to speed on industry best practices, you can consistently maintain a competitive advantage.
Moreover, we support inclusive staffing practices that enable you to acquire a diverse pool of applicants. Embracing diversity exposes your organization to a broad spectrum of perspectives, cultures, and connections. Hiring minorities brings fresh insights to everyday challenges, allows you to engage with clients from diverse backgrounds, and enhances your company's communication abilities by exploring minority languages