Recruitment Specialist
Would be responsible for the total recruitment lifecycle from helping with the job description to hiring the candidate. Hence the assigned resource would be dedicated to you and would perform work as per your needs.

Sourcing Specialist

Sourcing Specialist would be responsible for just finding the candidates. Moreover, would go on various recruiting sources and hence find out the candidates for the position and send it over to you so that you or your recruiters may reach out for the further conversation.

Resume Formatting

Every VMS/Client has a specific need of getting the resumes formatted in a specific way. By taking the service of a Resume Formatting Specialist, the trouble of creating different versions of the resume would be dedicated to a specialist in a cost-effective way.

Team Recruitment Service

When subscribed for team recruitment services, we provide you with a dedicated account manager who is responsible for overall team performance KPIs and metrics.
Provided with a dedicated Recruiter who would be working for you as your resource and report to you directly. And would perform all the responsibilities from sourcing to providing you a relevant candidate.
Would be responsible for sourcing the candidates from the different sources or job boards, screening those candidates and would sending them along your way in order to be called and followed up.
Marketing your candidates on the bench to different employers in US. Negotiating the rate and would be responsible for submitting their profile over to the clients. Ensuring interviews and placements
Would be sending you all the formatted resume as per the industry compliance or in accordance of your set format so that it can save your time and increase your efficiency.Also, can be available to update your candidate on the VMS/ATS accordingly.