About us

About us

About Company
We empower business reach their goals with the help of our guaranteed Return on Investment Model Transforming businesses through technology.
Belief Powers Business At 161Dev Inc. we go beyond helping businesses transform through technology. We help them make a meaningful difference; to their customers, and to the communities they serve.
How We Work With Clients


We can proudly conclude that we have strived to fulfill an array of ambitions and have succeeded. We have created a diversified community of employees at our company and maintained equity regarding every individual’s unique perspective by engaging in inclusive discourse. We have Delivered best to our clients. We develop and maintain a system that promotes diversity, equality, and inclusion for all people, regardless of their background.


As 161Dev Inc. It is our objective to uphold the values of trust, integrity, sincerity, and mutual respect in all of our business and skill operations. It lays the groundwork for a more promising future in which our whole Klack’s community is heard, supported, and involved at all levels of our organization’s operations.


As we believe to deliver the best to clients we are building greater futures through innovation and collective knowledge. We are IT services, consulting and business solutions organization. We take a long-term view, building relationships with our clients so we can lead to mutual growth and sustainable outcome.